2016 New Brewer Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to the 2016 New Brewer Scholarship winner, Boathouse Brothers! Based out of Prior Lake, Minnesota, Boathouse Brothers are nearing the end of their planning stage and have hit the ground running in 2017. As they fine-tune their recipes, hold … Continued

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What’s the Price of Compromise?

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What’s a brewery or a pub without glassware? Glassware is a necessity, without it, serving your customers beer gets pretty complicated. What about a brand, what is your brewery without a brand? It’s just beer—it’s generic and forgettable. Your brand is a way … Continued

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Grandstand’s Visit to Montana

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Last month we were pleased to attend the Montana Brewers Association 2013 Conference and 5th Annual Fall Festival in Caras Park on the Clark Fork River, in downtown Missoula. Our West Regional Manager, Dan Cook, arrived on Saturday for the … Continued

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25 Years in Business: a Look Back

Time has a funny way of compressing itself when you look back on it. 25 years ago this June, and just graduated from Kansas University, we started Grandstand. The name wasn’t the same back then, nor was the business, but … Continued

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Grandstand’s Green Efforts: Earth Day 2013

It’s that green time of year again, and as spring emerges Grandstand is celebrating Earth Day with year-round efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Last year we took to the outdoors and planted evergreen trees; this year we’re focusing our … Continued

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