What’s the Price of Compromise?

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What’s a brewery or a pub without glassware? Glassware is a necessity, without it, serving your customers beer gets pretty complicated. What about a brand, what is your brewery without a brand? It’s just beer—it’s generic and forgettable. Your brand is a way your customers can connect with you, a way they identify you. Printed glassware is something your brewery should have, to fulfill both those needs.

As a commodity, the less you spend on printed glassware, the better. Right? But think deeply about your priorities when choosing a partner to print your glassware. The responses we get over and over again are that quality, service and partnership are what drive your decisions. Like your beer, your products should be crafted with care. They should be consistent, reflect your high standards and the hard work you put into your beer. Your printing partner should have the passion that you do.

If someone walks into your brewery and offers you growlers at a discount, does price become more important than quality? When someone offers you cheaper glassware with lower quality prints and your branding is inconsistent, how does that represent the
brand you worked so hard to build? What does cheap actually cost you? Quality, service and a partnership pay the price. We both know that’s something you can’t afford.

You’l never compromise your brand’s standards with Grandstand as your partner. You’ll get quality and service above everything else. When your brand is on our line, we put our reputation right beside it.belgian glass and bomber

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